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The video wall solutions of MANHINHGHEPVN always take advantage of the existing network infrastructure, standard architecture, and standard PC to help design, deploy, and maintain easily and save costs.

Continuous operation

The video wall is manufactured by strict quality management standards so it can operate continuously 24/7 for a long time without affecting display quality.

High performance

The video wall solutions of MANHINHGHEPVN are built with advanced technologies, ensuring high reliability, excellent image reproduction, and long life.

Great quality

Attract your audience in any environment. Clear brightness and excellent image quality make a difference - support 4k video for 2x2 configuration system.

Multi-size options

MANHINHGHEPVN provides a variety of configurations and sizes of video wall system suitable to the specific design requirements of each customer.

Best warranty

The highest 24-month warranty policy in the industry. Support to overcome technical problem quickly by experienced experts.

Lowest cost

MANHINHGHEPVN commits to providing for customers the best video wall solutions at prices suitable to all budgets of businesses.

Professional video wall solution

We always build the most professional video wall solutions, suitable for all customers' needs.


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