Video wall LG 55VH7B 55 inch with a 1.8 mm video wall allows a true and seamless viewing experience when assembled in a video wall.

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♦ Model: 55VH7B

♦ Screen size: 55 inches

♦ Bezel: 1.8mm

♦ Origin: Korea

The video wall 55VH7B belongs to the VH7B series, notably a high-class backing material and super delicate design ability. The screen edge of 55VH5B with only 1.8mm rim creates the absolute seamlessness for the slideshow. In addition, the 55VH5B easily works well outdoors, the screen brightness reaches 700 nits.

The color adjustment process is carried out continuously during the installation process and produces products with uniform colors on any screen in the composite screen system.

LG 55VH7B videowall screen with outstanding features

Thin screen border minimizes

LG 55vh7b super thin screen

The screen border is only 0.9mm with only 1.8mm grafts making the seamless image of the slideshow, creating a smooth experience.

Integrating SoC and Synced Playback meetings

LG 55VH7B screen assembly technology meeting Soc

The 4-core processor is optimized for fit in 55VH7B / VM5B, 49VM5C, plays different content, eliminating the need for an external media player. Using SoC, the display screen acts as a video without fear of being delayed to playback content in a synchronized manner

Image technology VIC (Video wall Image Creation)

Screen transplant LG 55VH7B advanced screen technology

Improved adjustment of image objects of the LG video wall border to get a smooth effect. Through VIC (Video wall Image Creation) imaging technology, making the difference in brightness and improvement of the image in the circuit makes the panels the same nature that creates the best balance for the image.

WebOS 2.0

Video wall LG 55VH7B webos 2.0

55VH7B adds WebOS 2.0 to help you improve the application, custom interface with LG SDK software development kit and display in an idle time of the screen

A wider viewing angle

LG 55VH7B genuine cheap screen

LG 55VH7B helps users enjoy images with a wide viewing angle. Along with excellent stability in color temperature and contrasting changes, LG's IPS panels produce great images.

Daisy chain LAN performance

LAN Daisy helps you to execute commands to control the screen and update the software

Contact Hotline: 1900.633.485 for thorough advice

  • BrandLG
  • TypeIPS
  • Size55 inch
  • Border1.8mm
  • Contrast1400:1
  • Resolution1920x1080
  • Viewing Angle178 ° / 178 °
  • Brightness700 cd/㎡
  • Pixel_size
  • Pixel Distance1.8mm
  • Response speed8 ms
  • Maximum frequency
  • Display colors
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