With ultra-narrow edges (47 "= 4.9mm and 55" = 3.5 mm), 24/7 operation and wide viewing angle, LG LV35A Series video wall create stunning visuals that are easy to install, guarantee maintenance and management.

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♦  Model: LV35A Series
♦  Screen size: 47 inch/ 55 inch
♦  Bezel: 4.9mm (47”) / 3.5mm (55”)
♦  Origin:  Korea

The video wall is pieces that combine into a large whole and display a different image. A video wall LG can operate 24/7, perfect brightness with sunlight, vibrant colors. Thanks to them, the display space is displayed impressively.

Super thin border

Video wall LG LV35A is super thin


The screen is only 4.9mm wide with 47-inch and 3.5mm screens with a 55-inch screen, creating a beautiful digital overall when assembled, maintained and managed easily.

Easy content management

LG LV35A has dedicated software that makes content easy to design. The software has built-in arrangement templates that can rotate, crop and edit content. Can schedule content delivery and help repeat content.

Reduce dark effects

LG transplant screen Lv35 A dark effect

High-quality images are transmitted smoothly to each screen with a brightness uniformity of 80%. LG transplant screen is able to resist dark effects and provide quality images when used outdoors. and the display window. This saves you the cost associated with blocking infrared and cooling systems.

IPS panels

LG LV35A IPS screen panel

IPS panels are integrated on the video wall LG LV35A with liquid crystal, allowing you to view clear images at any viewing angle. Using exclusive IPS technology, used by Apple giants for iPhone and iPad products, liquid crystals are meticulously built, giving clear images when hanging in both horizontal and vertical directions. no blurring, melting crystals due to temperature until the temperature reaches 110 degrees Celsius.

Supersign V software

Supersign V videowall LG LV35A

Flexible content editing suitable for different layouts rotates, crop, edit content, playback custom content to match time-based on the day.

SuperSign C software

Software Supersign C videowall LG LV35A

Allows users to control one or more remote screens via network and RS232. In addition, there is also Calibration software to easily adjust white balance.

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  • BrandLG
  • TypeIPS
  • Size47 inch/ 55 inch
  • Border4.9mm (47”) / 3.5mm (55”)
  • Contrast1400:1
  • Resolution1920x1080
  • Viewing Angle178 ° / 178 °
  • Brightness500 cd/㎡
  • Pixel_size
  • Pixel Distance4.9mm (47”) / 3.5mm (55”)
  • Response speed12ms
  • Maximum frequency
  • Display colors
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