One of the outstanding advantages of the video wall Samsung UD55E-S compared to other videowall lines is that it is extremely good heat dissipation capability, minimizing the impact of temperature on the screen panel.

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♦ Model: UD55E-S 55

♦ Screen size: 55 inches

♦ Bezel: 3.5mm

♦ Origin: Korea

The biggest concern of businesses in administrative agencies is how to attract customers through their advertising. On the client side, they appreciate the quality of the sharp, seamless image when shown on various large screen devices.

UDE-S is a different line of high-end monitors belonging to Samsung's third screen. Like other UDE series of monitors, Video wall Samsung UD55E-S has carefully cared from hardware (thin screen border, screen panel is adjusted XY coordinates, 8 Gamma curves, sufficient balance 3 light RGB ports ...) until the software (synchronous technical system on the entire screen system with Magicinfo Player S3 software). All are seamlessly intertwined, creating a smooth, crisp presentation image. The outstanding features are UDE-S Digital Signage series compared to other videowall series, which is its excellent heat dissipation, greatly reducing the image panel temperature.

High screen life

Video wall Samsung UD55E-S has smart wall system

This is of great significance when the UDE-S videowall system is used where there is a great impact of light such as stations, bus stations, squares or other outdoor places. Customers are viewing the pictures and communicating with quality colors under any luster

UD55E-S is well researched, the production process is strictly controlled. The screen can operate continuously 24/7 for a long time without affecting the quality of the screen.

Brightness to 700 nits with high contrast

Samsung UD55E-S screen has good brightness

Images are crisp and vivid, displaying colors exactly as soon as you use them. The videowall UD55E-S screen, despite being designed to work indoors, has sharpness and images when used continuously in conditions of direct light under the sun.

3.5mm only screen border

UD55E-S has a breakthrough in videowall Samsung border design. With only 3.5mm thinness when you reach 2 screens together (2.3mm for the left and upper edges - 1.2mm for the right edge and below). The UDE-S and UD55E-s series will give viewers an impression of customers during the transmission of the message.

Exclusive color correction software is unique in UD55E-S

Video wall Samsung UD55E-S has high contrast

Improve the image quality on the video wall system. Besides, the hardware quality is ensured. Samsung also integrates color correction on the "Samsung Color Expert" software.

The perfect combination of hardware and software, rest assured that all your communication messages will impress customers thanks to the sharpness and vividness of the image.

Smart wall mount system

Video wall Samsung UD55E-S has smart wall system

In order to create the video wall system, it is mandatory to have a display on the wall. Samsung has supplied and installed screen mounts from popular to high-end to suit the needs of each person.

The Wall Mount line of Samsung wall mounts allows you to shorten the distance between individual paired screens and create your videowall system.

Hopefully, with this article, you can consider MANHINHGHEPVN's UD55E-S screen.

  • BrandSamsung
  • TypeD-LED DID
  • Size55 inch
  • Border3.5mm
  • Contrast4.000:1
  • Resolution1920x1080
  • Viewing Angle178 ° / 178 °
  • Brightness700 cd/㎡
  • Pixel_size
  • Pixel Distance3.5mm
  • Response speed8ms
  • Maximum frequency148.5MHz
  • Display colors1,07 bilions color
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