Video wall Samsung UH55F-E 55 " with ultra-thin screen graft only 1.7mm. This is the optimal solution for businesses with high requirements for image quality displayed in large areas.

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♦ Model: UH55F-E

♦ Screen size: 55 inches

♦ Bezel: 1.7mm

♦ Origin: Korea

55-inch thin-walled Video Wall UH55F-E screen for ultra-smooth, authentic experience like life. Impressive colors and uniform color quality thanks to accurate calibration technology.

Impressive images and screens are thinner than conventional screen monitors

Impressive image on Samsung UH55F-E

Screen UH55F-E line with the aim of bringing new experience to users about screen border thinness. The screen has a left border and top edge of the only 1.15mm, the bottom, and border edges must be only 0.55mm with extremely small screen thickness of only 1.7mm, reducing visibility barriers to displaying product images and best service. With a thin border, the UH55F-E screen shows virtually no screen space between the screens, impressing the senses.

Help integrate good presentation solutions at the best cost

Samsung's video wall screen changes the external environment, helping to display intense images. Samsung is the industry leader in the videowall pair of displays with DisplayPort 1.2 (DP) port and HDMI port, Samsung's UH55F-E screen can show extremely good definition UHD images, throughout the bridge The screen paired to 5x5 without you needing to install an external device. With UHD dividers often requires external devices but only paired with 2x2 panels, but with UH55F-E has an outstanding definition.

Good quality unprecedented

Video wall UH55F-E is flexible in the assembly stage

When presenting under different environmental conditions, the screen panel is in danger of reducing the image quality due to degraded colors and distortion. To display with the most complete message in any environment. Each screen is equipped with a heat sink, suitable for all weather and against unwanted agents from the environment. This ensures a beautiful content display.

Cost savings and performance optimization

The Signage Player Box allows you to convert multiple sources combining multimedia programming in a single transmitter. Designed to power up the Samsung display platform in the device, the flexible handling box transforms standard display screens using Quad Core CPUs to process information faster and manage content to become effective. result with MagicInfo S3 solution.

Flexible mounting bracket

Video wall Samsung UH55F-E have wide viewing angle

The flexible frame makes it easy to install and assemble equipment, minimizing the need to take up the space required by the fit of the screen. Good user design eliminates unnecessary or manipulating tasks from measuring and adjusting the device, enabling the creation of an ideal spatial layout that makes the viewing experience perfect.

Belonging to the UHF-E series, the Samsung UH55F-E screen is a 55 "video wall. With ultra-thin screen graft only 1.7mm. This is the optimal solution for businesses with high requirements for image quality displayed in large areas.

  • BrandSamsung
  • TypeD-LED DID
  • Size55 inch
  • Border1.7mm
  • Contrast4.000:1
  • Resolution1920x1080
  • Viewing Angle178 ° / 178 °
  • Brightness700 cd/㎡
  • Pixel_size0.63mm(H) * 0.63mm(V)
  • Pixel Distance1.7mm
  • Response speed8ms
  • Maximum frequency148.5MHz
  • Display colors1,07 billion color
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